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About Us
Qualified products are designed with adoption of masters’ quality understanding.

Our factory was established in 1987 and began full capacity production in 1988. Founders, Hasan and Huseyin USLU brothers have still been at the head of our factory management.

Our factory is built on 33,000 square meters of land; Brick cooking process is done by Hoffman Oven, and carries out the drying process with a 4-channel drying track.

Raw Materials and Production Capacity
We provide our own raw materials from our licensed stone quarry owned by our company is located 20 km from our factory. After the receiving of your order, we conduct Quality Control checks and testing in order to ensure the product’s quality prior to shipment. In addition, our products are a result of our work with universities have increased their quality standards, So, we have managed to produce our product in each European standards. Our factory has a daily production capacity of 60-70 thousand bricks. As a member of  TUKDER,  we thus strengthen shape of our direction with this association in this sector.