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Vertically Perforated Bricks

  Vertically perforated bricks are manufactured in two different groups as Bearing (HD) and Non-Bearing (LD). Bearing bricks have %35 or less cavities and used on Masonry Work Constructions. Non-bearing vertically perforated bricks can be used on high walls, reinforced concrete buildings and garden walls where the pressure resistance has ...
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Block Bricks

  This type of bricks are commonly used for internal partition walls that are not bearings, and the perforations shall be positioned horizontally, serving as a 8.5 cm thick partition wall. Sandwich wall can be obtained by fitting an insulation material (EPS Styrofoam) between two 8.5 cm bricks in order ...
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Chimney Bricks

  All the funnel bricks manufactured by our company are used as external funnel bricks. Especially on natural gas funnels they can be applied after isolation outside the internal metal funnel. Funnel bricks are manufactured as resistant to 6000C and acid. Besides the single hole funnels, we also manufacture SHUNT ...
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Hollow Blocks

  You can choose the appropriate hollow blocks for your requirement according to the thickness of the covering concrete on both at the multistoried or single storey buildings. Hollow Bricks are filling materials that does not bear static load. Mould is required for the covering concrete. Thickness of hollows as ...
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Insulation Bricks

  This type of bricks with better heat transmission values than other products also have high pressure resistance. This type of brick has a load bearing capacity of 10-12 Newton per mm2. In this case a single brick can resist to 70-80 tons of load. INSULATION BRICKS ARE MANUFACTURED BY ...
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Special Products

  Our company will be able to assist you for all types of clay units and composite products possible to be manufactured in the parallel to the demands of consumers. Because we need to use a special mold in the production, the price can be higher. We recommend that you ...
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